Leningrad oblast
Container terminals
Logistika-Terminal (LT) is an inland container facility of St.Petersburg port. LT was the first Russia’s terminal to start operating as “dry port”. Logistika-Terminal is located 17 km from First Container Terminal (FCT) in Shushary industrial area. LT and FCT have an integrated IT system. LT provides the full range of container handling services including large consignment storage and container trains dispatching. LT has convenient motor/railroad approaches and the direct access to Moscow – St Petersburg highway (M10).

General info

90 Ha
Total area
200,000 TEU
10,000 TEU
Container yard capacity
4,500 TEU
Container depot capacity
50 plugs
Reefer zone
4 4
RTG cranes
4 4
16 16
Lift trucks
2 2
Terminal tractors